Back in UK

Oh come on slow dancers!
Hey, we try to keep these things down to bare minimum... but we do have a bit of news! First of all we are back in the UK!

• Tomorrow night, Friday 13th (spooky!) we will be playing at the lovely Windmill in Brixton. This show is going to be incredibile! It's us, Crystal Stilts over from NYC in their first ever England show, the always blasting Let's Wrestle and Silentage! Things are even better 'cause we are bringing our buddy
Enzo and he'll be djing a selection of whatever tunes he can manage to get on his flight over! I have a feeling it'll be classic reverby floor hits!
It seems to be the show is all SOLD OUT but you can check out all the info

• Saturday is a day off...bu you can find us dancing over at
Fanfarlo's party.

• Sunday afternoon (Feb 15th) we are playing our friend Jeremy Warmsley's Heartbreak Ball. It is a post-St.Valentines bashing all-day event that will take place at The Slaughtered Lamb in Farringdon. The bill is incredible: Warmsley, Johnny Flynn, Slow Club, Gossamer Albatross, Stars Of Sunday League and A Classic Education. The vibe on the show is it'll be SOLD OUT...but check here for
IMPORTANT: unfortunately we have to leave real real early to catch a flight...so get down EARLY. We will be on at 4,20 PM!!!!

• In other news we are extremely proud to announce that we will have a 7" single out soon on the great label
Bailiwick Recording Company (Gossamer Albatross, Pengilly's). Songs are BEST REGARDS w/ REST. Jeremy Warmsley produced them and we hope to have it all out in about a month and a half. More news coming on this.

• Next month we will be heading out to North America for SXSW and a few shows in New York. You can check our
myspace for all that info! It is going to be good good good!