Oh "I can't wait for spring" readers,

Wanted to reach out to all of you to give you some news and details about our NYC and SXSW shows...but most of all to give out the following gift.

We recorded a cover a few days ago and wanted to "hand" it out! We've been wanting to do this tune for a long time, ever since I saw it on tv a few years back. It's a cover of french singer Gilbert Bécaud and it's called "Toi". The important thing is that he sings the song in a special italian version in an amazing scene in the 1965 movie "Io la conoscevo bene" by Antonio Pietrangeli. We did an english version. Check out the famous scene from the movie here http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8l2ngZoRY8

Now you can DOWNLOAD ours.

A Classic Education - Toi (Gilbert Bécaud cover)

- http://www.aclassiceducation.com/freedownload/a classic education - toi.mp3
- http://www.zshare.net/audio/56759328746e615f/

If you like visual things check out the scene from the movie with our track on www.aclassiceducation.com or http://vimeo.com/3542266


On to the tour info.
We're heading out this friday for the first time to United States and boy are we excited. I don't think we've slept an hour this week.
We're doing three shows in New York, between Manhattan and Brooklyn. There is a nice writeup in BrooklynVegan

- Friday March 13th, Less Artists More Condos presents @ Death By Audio (Brooklyn) w/ Pink Reason, Sisters, Strange Shapes, Ava Luna. (8 pm)
You can find all info here: http://www.lessartistsmorecondos.com/

- Saturday March 14th, Cake Shop (Manhattan) w/ My Teenage Stride, Knight School, Human Hearts. (8 pm)
All info here: http://cake-shop.com/calendar/

- Monday March 16th, Fontana's (Manhattan) w/ Screaming Tea Party, Rod Thomas etc. (8 pm)
All info here: http://fontanasnyc.com/shows.html

The SXSW shows in Austin should all be amazing! We're playing 3 shows.
The official showcase is

- Thursday March 19th, Rusty Spurs (405 East 7th Street, Austin) @ After The Jump Fest. We are on around 9 pm
All the info can be found here: http://www.afterthejumpfest.com/

We have two more shows

- Friday March 20th, Music For Listeners at The Red House Pizzeria (1917 Manor Rd, Austin). We are on around 4 pm and will be playing with Sky Larkin, The Spinto Band, Jay Jay Pistolet, Hymns, Dios and many others. Check out the great microwebsite here: http://www.musicforlisteners.com/mflatredhouse.html

- Satuday March 21st, The Karibu Musik Bash (1209 E. 7th St., Austin) at 4 pm w/ Fanfarlo, My Sad Captains + others.

7" 7" 7" 7" 7" 7" on BAILIWICK RECORDS coming!

Last but not least as previously announced we will have our new Best Regards 7" on the road. You can preview the song on our myspace or you can wait for more info and official release from the lovely Bailiwick Records.

I guess that is all,
cheers and come down to the shows if you're around.
Thanks for the support
a.c.e. & the gang

p.s. how are we going to manage this trip without our original crowdmover e. ?