Hey There Stranger VIVA LA VINYL

So yes, we finished our first North American tour with British Sea Power, SXSW flew by, we had the time of our life at Primavera Sound in Barcelona and now we are working on our first album that will be out in the fall. If you want to see how we spent these past crazy months just check out our photo diary. The shows keep flowin'.

In more important news... finally the VINYL 12" edition of Hey There Stranger will be out soon and is up for pre-order over at WWNBB Collective's site. They are teaming up with Lefse to release this golden gem, it comes limited to 300 copies and SIDE B will have exclusive remixes from some of our best pals. No shitty fillers. Trust us.

Check the tracklist out... and then go ORDER.


1. Gone To Sea
2. Terrible Day
3. What My Life Could Have Been
4. Devilish Coast Sway
5. I Lost Time
6. Toi

1. Terrible Day (Banjo Or Freakout remix)
2. I Lost Time (Visions Of Trees remix)
3. Gone To Sea (Welcome Back Sailors remix)
4. Devilish Coast Sway (Crimea X remix)
5. Gone To Sea (Death In Plains remix)