A Classic Education... Call It Blazing

It's been a long long time we've been wanting to let you know... our first full length will be titled Call It Blazing.
It's the most precious thing ever in our hands, we've put so much of ourselves in this album. We will let you know all the details soon in a few weeks.
October 25th is the day to mark on your calendars. It will be out on Lefse (world), Moor Works (Japan), La Tempesta International (Italy) and Tannen Records (vinyl edition).
Twelve stories will be on Call It Blazing.
Imagine them from the titles and from the artwork that melts our hearts done by Aleksandra Niepsuj.

1. Work It Out
2. Baby, It's Fine
3. Grave Bird
4. Gone To Sea
5. Place A Bet On You
6. Billy's Gang Dream
7. Spin Me Round
8. Forever Boy
9. Can You Feel The Backwash
10. Terrible Day
11. I Lost Time
12. Night Owl